Laura Cristin

In Memory 2008-2015 at Art Cafè

Category : exhibitions, performance Jan 27th, 2015

On January 27th 2008, together with Amadea Fayne, mezzo soprano from Berlin and the pianist/composer Dario Della Rossa from Cosenza, I had the opportunity to think/act for the Day of Memory in the old sinagogue of S. Daniele del Friuli. The following day, we all went to Venice for a free/impromptu performance along the gondolas… Kol Nidre and AniMa amin were sung, proper music for the holocaust was played and a Sheren performance (according to my art identity) took place. Life and death are intimately connected: in 2008 we also had in mind/heART the 250th anniversary from Mozart’s birth and other facts. Last July, on 14th, I had the chance to perform “Tarots in Paris” at Père Lachaise, and at a certain point I could almost “feel” the spirit of Raymond Roussel whose tomb I had chosen for a dance prayer. After the 7th janvier 2015, even George Wolinski will rest forever there.

I do not know what art can do, but remembering the little we/I could do makes me feel better.

Madonnina pop Milan-Rome

Category : around the world, exhibitions Jan 10th, 2015

Starting from Rome, at studio.ra of Raffaella Losapio, my contribution “Madonnina pop con cuore-farfalla che vola nel Tempo” takes part in the project Madonnina pop, re-styling the golden statue on top of Milan Dome. My image links several events such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s KV 200 that was composed in November 1774, one month before the inauguration of the golden Madonna, with other not so private facts, mainly related to my performance “Tarots in Paris” at Père Lachaise in July 2014. A butterfly heART (from Sherensign 6 named “LoveS”) is in the core of the Madonnina of Milan.