Laura Cristin

“Selfie to self-expression” for Saatchi

Category : exhibitions, performance Feb 14th, 2017
On the Day of Saint Valentine, I had completed my submission to Saatchi gallery of London contest “Selfie to self-expression”. I already developed the theme in the Works section in the project “Self portrait”. This time, I had searched into the meaning of that practice, that one way or another, is keeping me busy mostly, along journeys of many kinds. Here are the titles of the photos that you can reach on the link above: “full immersion in the colour of my eyes” (Oceanarium of Valencia, 27 January 2017), “(paper) boat trip from Venice railway station” (impromptu “Isonzo S_core” on 9 October 2010), “Selfie as Sheren in Naples” (Napoli Centrale railway station on 2nd September 2016), “in the sweet heART of Florence” (in a confectionery shop window on 11 November 2011), “in the (Chinese) zodiac as wooden Horse Yang in Padua” (at the Museo del Precinema on 19 March 2014), “the LIGHT of my heart!” (as documenting the new striped curtain and the sacre of the intimacy in Bagnaria Arsa on 4 May 2012).