Laura Cristin

LaCura for ‘Xmas 2018

Category : exhibitions, performance, mailart, around the world Dec 19th, 2018

Exactly one month before Christmas a group of friends-artists-and-not wishing to share their humanity and their art/life, met in Laura Cristin’s studio in Bagnaria Arsa, not far from the star shaped city of Palmanova. Early in the afternoon “LaCura”was performed, in the homonymous track composed by Dario Della Rossa for “Healing in London” at the Kingsley Hall (9th September 2017 for Loonies Fest).
“LaCura” is dedicated to Franco Basaglia, Letizia Comba, Angela Fumis and Tiziana Baracchi and to the many who passed away/were not physically present but are still in our heART. Their presence was tangible in the gratitude of the ones who have had the privilege to share part of their journay in life with them.
Video by Maurizio Follin.