Laura Cristin

London Biennale 2014: Expo Brut

Category : mailart, around the world Apr 29th, 2014

From 1 May to 1 June 2014 in Tilly, Belgium, at Acrodacrolivres there’s an exhibition curated by Rino Telaro as a Pollination of London Biennale 2014. I have taken part in the independent exhibition/movement founded and directed by David Medalla since 2004. For each edition I made a card on the theme, as requested for participating, often with the Eros statue of Piccardilly Circus. The Biennale of 2006 in London comes to my mind with all the artists I met and the performances at The Foundry, Orleans House and Sinergy Gallery. Since then, approaching 1st of May, I like to think about my art/life and make a ‘free’ point about it. This time, in Belgium, I participate in ExpoManifestoBrut with a mirror card where miniatures of my previous LB cards make a sort of crown frame.