Laura Cristin

October TRIPs

Category : exhibitions, mailart, around the world Oct 25th, 2016

October is always a special time for me: memories are revived and take new shapes and perspectives. This year, two main trips occurred: first “Re-vault sTRIP” – already printed in limited editions as a paper-triptych – was sent worldwide in the mailart “calisthenics for the soul”. Second one was the making of “Twin Mother from Udine to Capua”. It’s a portable altar on handmade paper, based on the memory of a 1994 painting dedicated to my mother, enriched with some calligraphic writing at the sides. It will be sent shortly to the Museo Provinciale Campano of Capua, for an exhibition at the Matres Matutae room. All this comes to my mind after having baked a delicious apple cake, that I sprinkled on top with the content of five sugar packets brought from Naples as a keepsake!