Laura Cristin

Sweet Overseas Shipwreck

Category : performance, mailart, around the world May 1st, 2019

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On the 3rd and /or 5th May, Sheren will be in Milan, for a impromptu in Piazza Duomo and/or in a shared garden of Isola, for a wave of good luck at the marriage of Kika and Antonello.
Saturday, May 11th , in Venice, on the occasion of the Biennale # 58 opening, at 1:00 pm Sheren will be with Peter Kuestermann along the Adria-side in front of Giardini, to re-create an a-mare to which to entrust our hopes and fears, and those of the refugees who have eventfully crossed the Mediterranean. From 16:00, the action will move to the 7th sestiere of Mestre, in via Cavallotti 83/B for “Checkpoint”, a parallel event of the Venice Biennale curated by Giancarlo and Giulia Da Lio.
The performances of Laura Cristin Sheren are also part of London Biennale 2019.

Life and love are multi-faceted diamonds where good and evil and a thousand other shades form a single pearl. The world of the Sirens, with its aquatic and earthly contradictions, bears witness to this. Sheren, who from a long time practiced that imaginary, with the arms and baggage of the art/life, in 2019 is particularly inspired, 200 years after its writing, by “e il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare”, which concludes, with admirable and fluctuating opening, “L’Infinito” by Giacomo Leopardi.
That verse seems all right to be re-lived with engaging waves embracing memories, dreams and fears, personal and collective.
Full text/proposal. The first performance on the theme will be in MILAN, on the 3rd and/or 5th May (piazza Duomo and/or shared garden of Isola) for the marriage of Kika and Antonello, with the unfolding of an auspicious free wave that will flag and wrap without forcing.
The following Saturday, which is May 11th and coincides with the Biennale #58 opening, Sheren will decline Leopardi’s verse in VENICE: at 13:00, along the Adria-side in front of Giardini. Then the action will move to “Checkpoint”, parallel event of 7° sestiere, care of Giancarlo and Giulia Da Lio, in Mestre, via Cavallotti 83/B, from 16:00. Together with Peter Kuestermann and the (mail) artists or passers by wishing to participate, a bridge will be created , with the hopes and fears of those who eventfully have crossed the Mediterranean. It will give the chance to recite a ‘de profundis’ of the value ​of the Western civilization (?) buried in the sea-cemetery together with the castaways who did not make it, but also a small attempt to restore a bit of humanity in consciences.
Peter Kuestermann will bring the messages-in-the-bottles entrusted to him by refugees in Germany who have managed to save (at least physically) their lives and now wishing to leave their thoughts to the big sea of love that has not swallowed them.
In the re-created waves, everyone can immerse themselves, reflect and deliver to the sea, even only a yearning for hope. For those who prefer the ancient art of writing, Sheren will provide ‘blank messages’ to be completed and put into bottles collected around the world, which will be returned in the five continents.
P.S. The performance of Laura Cristin Sheren are also part of London Biennale 2019.