“BODY” (from the triptych “towards Sheren's birth”), acrylic on board, 2002

Performance at Lat 39° N, Long 18° E, Joonas&Markus wearing Sheren's dress in Kuusitie, FI and DeborA with bathing cap at Pioraco, MC, © photo: Enzo Paviotti, 2004-2005

“Sherensign III”, multimedia on nonwoven textile, 2005
Performance with the tulle flukes in Venezia, © photo: Dario Della Rossa, 29 January 2008

Left to right: the Irish trip-tych of Sherensigns “Nomad”, “Sheren” and “Moon”, 2008-2009, “SHirEn sitting” mannequin, 2002 and “SHE's on the way”, acrylic on canvas, 2000

Not-so-private-performance at Lat 45° N, Long 13° E, © photo: Laura Maria Mino, 16 November 2009