Laura Cristin


Born in San Pier d’Isonzo on 13 June 1954. Studied at Istituto Magistrale “S. Slataper” of Gorizia, worked as a librarian for a year, learned some English at “City lit” in London (Arels Certificate) and then employed as a teacher till 1993. My art path started in the early Eighties, with oil paints on glass. Soon I needed to experiment other surfaces and techniques to be practiced in murals, illustrations, plastic arts. Then paintings like self portraits as a goose, objects re-visited and a kind of sui generis sculptures like “MySELF”, “Mediterranea” and “SHirEn” were produced.
In 2003, a visiting artist residency in Ireland was a turning point for choosing the performance as a natural evolution/development of my art identity of Sheren. Central points of the research are the Sea and the HeartH, not-only-metaphorical travels, the music, the liberty, the collaboration with artists on the same wavelenght and the necessity, from time to time to examine such eventful situations, even writing about them. Significant is the recent production of Sherensigns where memorable memories are secured on azure lightweight fabric, set in the painting, embroidered or nestled in a Braille relief. I am also part in the mail art and fluxus network.

Main exhibitions 1996-2014: “Letture fantastiche” in Pinacoteca of San Pier d’Isonzo GO, “Il corpo: immagine e percezione” in Fagagna UD, “Plätze” in Minden DE, “acqueen” at Juliet in Casier TV, “Identità per modelli sartoriali” in Turriaco GO, “Museo C. Zavattini” in Larissa Contemporary Art Center EL, “I Promessi Sposi e la Città Promessa” in Milan, “SHE-SHirEn-Sheren” in San Daniele del Friuli UD, “La Bisiacaria a San Marco” in Venezia and Trieste, “Lo Stracquo” in Ponza LT
Performances since 2003: Ireland, Helsinki, Madrid, Germany, Mexico City (at performagia4 of UNAM), London (Biennale and at the Foundry), Paris (at Père Lachaise), Belgrade (Art Fair), The Neatherlands (at Kunst Kolonie Veenhuizen), Sofia (at WTAF). S. Maria di Leuca LE, Florence, Milan, Riola BO (Museo dei Tarocchi), Bergamo (History Museum), S. Severina KR (at “Le arti del gesto”), Venezia (Palazzo delle Prigioni) and Ponza LT (“Sherena Velella” at i Cameroni dei Confinati) in Italy
Etceteras: murales, books, film/video, workshops, residencies, talks, curatorial, etc. are carried out over the time. Murales in Castellana Sicula PA, Bordano UD. Since 2005 I enjoy sometime filming art actions, impromptu. Videos are kept in my archive or sent/given to whom it might concern. Some took part in Magmart video festival/webmagazine and in the Mexican event “07-07-07 para el dia del paraguas negro”. “Handmade identity” talk at performagia4 in 2006
Main review in “Pittori dell’anima” by Tino Sangiglio, Trieste, Istituto Giuliano di Storia e Documentazione, 2007

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