(Self)portrait between "Totem II" and "...comme un oiseau”, 1997
Playing with dolpHEn flukes in Dingle Bay, July 2003

“sHeren Performance”, 2004-2005

in order: performance “Sheren in A-MexicO” at Academia de S. Carlos, Mexico City, © photo: Antonio Juarez, 15 May 2006; card for “London Biennale 2006”; card for “Temps Éternel” performance in Paris, © photo: Giosuè Marongiu, 2011; ”Just life” performance in New York, 14-21 June 2012

First 5 minutes of “in A-MemOry of W(hale) A. Mozart” that took place at Orleans House for London Biennale. It was dedicated to Mozart's 250th B.day and to the death of the W(hale) in the river Thames investigating the bridge between mortality and the intangibility of Time/Music. Video by Adam Nankervis, music “MareA” by Dario Della Rossa. 15 July 2006

“Water” took shape as part of the Irish quadriptych (including Fire, Air and Untitled) in Ballinskelligs IE, during my second residency at Cill Rialaig. It was self recorded/filmed in a rainy day, with the camera and the mp3 player inside the cottage. On that day, I wrote in my diary: oggi credo di aver messo a nudo tutta la mia fragilità, ma anche la mia voglia di vivere!! 9 July 2008

“AquaS-core” occurred in May 2010 as a main flowing of notes, feelings, sounds, emotions, colours in a trip South-West to North-East of Italy, from Cosenza's Ninfeo to Palazzo delle Prigioni in Venezia. As memories were rearrenged in a video, three years later, reminiscences of not-so-past Times appeared: from a hitch-hike ride up to Scilla to a sprayed Princess in the city suspended among the Sea and the Sky, 1973-2008-2010-2013