“Liberty”, acrylic on canvas, 1998

“Totem III Air”, sculpture-assemblage with lighting fixtures, PET bottles, metro and credit cards that were used in New York, 1998
“Totem IV Natural Liberty”, installation with 'green' stuff 100% plastic emerging from a wheel cover, 1999

“16.Tower”, Laura's slides projection in a keyboard case and Dario's piano playing interacting with the sounds of the rear Garden of Bagnaria Arsa , UD, 7 June 2007

”Sheren of Liberty” at Katz's Deli NYC, mail art pop-up card, collection Fanzinoteca d'Italia, Forlì, 15 June 2012
At Kunst-Kolonie-Veenhuizen, NL, 12 May 2013
At Embassy Pavillion for a Collateral Event of 55 Biennale di Venezia, © photo: Gabriella Gallo, 1 June 2013