Topics of the Day in Venice: sticker by Ragged Edge Press installed at Giardini entrance of “La Biennale di Venezia”; inauguration performance of the Mondrian Pavillion by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis, curator Christine Marcel; impromptu with “Totem 2004-2008-2017” (acrylic on panel 2017) by Laura Cristin and “Three Souls Ascending the Empyrean” (oil on panel 1505-1515) by Jheronimus Bosch at Palazzo Ducale, 10 May 2017

Frienship around Mondrian Fan Club at #57BiennaleVenezia: treasure chest with memorabilia of actions under different constellations, with “M” rubberstamp and matchboxes ready for participatory performances; legs of friendship at Mondrian Pavillion performance with RED Christoph Both Asmus, YELLOW Daniel Kupferberg, BLUE Cyril Lepetit; selfie with BLUE, photo Raffaella Losapio, 10 May 2017

R-evolving art: “The Sticker Dude remembering the joint performance Just life by/with Laura Cristin in Coney Island 2012/06/14”, acrylic on panel 2017; “Totem 2004-2008-2017”, acrylic on panel 2017 featuring the impromptu in Venice with Dario Della Rossa and Dorothea Fayne 2008/01/29; detail of mother-of-pearl in Joel Cohen portrait; “Authenticity Certificate” of the sticker taking part in #57BiennaleVenezia; contribution of Sheren to/at Mondrian Pavillion; “LOOKing forwards” headline on reverse of the 63 stickers distributed since 2017/06/13