“Vendetta”, acrylic and oils on board, 1992
Two pages from a travel notes-book, 28-29 October 2008

“Two women: Gertrude and Lucia”, acrylic on mannequin and on hemp, exhibited at Sassetti Cultura in Milan , IT, 2002
Card for the performance “DASHeren: lavare i panni in Arno”, Festival Creativa, Rignano, FI, May 2005
Mail art sheet “ALT”, few lines from a Rilke's poem painted in oil on laser printed film, collection “Oltre i Limiti”, Firenze, IT, 2008

Meeting Hans ChRISTIaN Andersen in Central Park in New York City, June 2012

Different types of handwritings (left to right): "letter to Fungie" painted in acrylic on paper tinted with tea, 2003; ATCard "Trine", acrylic on paper, 2011; back of a card containing Laura in Japanese, calligraphy with nib and ink, 2013; "Cavellini open frame" (inside), pencil and biro on cardboard, 1914-1954-2014