“from almost Spring approaching 'Xmas 2015”, instant harmonic book featuring the peculiar ways of the year, 3 copies, 2015

“LC: a grateful memory of/for Letizia Comba”, artist book, 22 copies in English and 22 in Italian, card with Dawn Redwood at Kew Gardens in London, 2015

Front of an “Harmonic Booklet” dedicated to my father, 2 copies, 2015

Selection of cards and letters for 'Xmas 2015

“Harmonic booklet with pop-up poem”, cards and envelopes, China ink calligraphy, 2015

Set of cards, laminated; sending 'Xmas correspondace at the post office of Šempeter in Slovenia, 19 December 2015
Harley, Hamlet and Doris featuring the three wise men in the mail reply of 27 December 2015