“Nuvole”, oil paints on tailor's dummy, 1988
“Un'oca a New York”, acrylic and oil on board, 1989

“Ah, l'Amour!”, acrylic on wooden case, 1996

“Sherensign XX” (front and reverse), not-only-painting on nonwoven fabric, based on the performance in S. Maria di Leuca, LE and featuring the constellations of 15 October 2005

“SHEren in A-MexicO”, card for the performance 2006
“Sol-Re-Fa”, long play record revisited, 2007 (vinyls collection of XX912Fabrika, Piombino Dese, PD)
Details of the fringe in Sherensign “Moon” with a feather in the central pendant, 2008-2009