“Dio c'è?” (Does God exist?) written in red in the middle of the yellow fence of “È tempo di catturare le nuvole e di impiccarle”, oil on glass, 1988

“Ciao mamma!”, diptych, acrylic and oil on board, 1990

“Madonnina di piazza S. Giacomo” in Udine and reflection of it in “A mia madre”, acrylic on board, 1994

card for the tenth anniversary of the discovery of my name-day Santa Laura: 19 October 2005- 19 October 2015

“La Mèr(e)” in Milan, in the installation “Le Gabbie del Tempo” of Francoise Bohr, for Giornata del Contemporaneo AMACI (Contemporary Art Museums), 15 October 2011

“Tarots in Paris” at Père Lachaise in Paris for the memory of Raymond Russel cured by Gianni Broi, 14 juillet 2014