“Addio Lucia”, oils on canvas, was painted in 1987 to say farewell to my close friend Lucia (embodied by the evanescent goose), she died in a car accident, left a little child and a husband (the 'real' goose)
"Il giuoco dell'oca", oils on glass, 1989

A sequence of three paintings “Autoritratto di oca I, II, III”, acrylic and oils on board, 1993

Two paintings-installations from the 'furniture' of the goose's realm: “Wunderfenster con autoritratto” and screen “il dado è tratto”, acrylic and oils on board, 1993 and 1994 respectively

The ugly duckling from the blooper picked up in Helsinki in 2004 to a performance in Minden and one in Pioraco with Dino Sileoni, 2005