“Totem I”, lamp-sculpture-assemblage of lighting fixtures revisited through the painting. Sun on top and moon below can be switched on separately. Collection of art gallery of S. Pier d'Isonzo, GO, 1996
Illustrations from the book “Viaggio fantastico intorno al mondo”, unpublished, 1996

Map of Europe, gouache and collage on paper, from the book “Viaggio fantastico intorno al mondo”, exhibited as a prototype at the Childrens' Book Fair of Bologna, IT, 1996

Detail of the mural “Castellana Sicula”, PA, acrylic, painted in Sicily in 2001, preparatory sketch at a side

Composition with 22 jigsaw pieces of ATCard 33c “Tarots' TRIduo Pray/Play for Italia's 150”, prayer is on reverse, 2011
Waterlily origami out of an astrological chart of a Dragon year, 2012