Series of still frames from the short film “La Storia del Cantastorie”, director Zoran Lesič, Televizija Slovenija, 1995

Perfoming with a video of a performance in Montegrotto Terme, PD, from the book “inAction” © photo: Gianluca Scordo, 2006
“heART2”, mail art sheet about “A Movie Sherenada” 2007

Flick book made with cinema tickets, can also be turned in a phenakistoscope disc, 2008

“Tarots' Princess dancing around Ballinskelligs Castle from low to high TIDE”, ink, pastel and ash on paper, 8 copies, Collection C.A.B.A. Conselice, RA, 2008

“Tarots' Transparency No. 17” two laser printed transparencies: if slightly rubbed on each other, a moving net texture originates, the images were chosen for emotional contiguity, 2008

Zoetropes "Gemini" and "Aquarius" (spinning top in the base) made out of CDs cases painted with oils, spare interchangeable strip at the side, 2008