“Wonderbookcase”, oil paints on glass, 1987; “Autoritratto No. 1”, memories around a Disneyland ticket and other scraps, oil painting behind the glass top of a coffee table, 1990

“Totem II: idee in con-occorrenza” assemblage of various materials, painted in acrylic, detail of the base representing New York City in the 4 seasons, along a line of 'real' shelves, 1997

Front and back of a piece of mailart collage “SHEren&dolpHEn: a new identity”, 2004
“S-composta testimone dell'Unità d'Italia”, photo of a multimaterial assemblage, 2011

“tAbleau vivant 2”, “tAbleau vivant 1”, bas-relief on cardboard, 2012

Performance “tAbleau vivant”, at “Geography, Alice!”, Gallery 3D, Venice-Mestre, © photo: Giampaolo Lucato, 9 December 2012
“YOUth 1/2”, plaster and acrylic paint on the only remnant of a poplar grove at Lat 45° N and Long 13° E, 2012