Triptych “Piazza Grande in Palmanova era così...nel tardo autunno del 1992”, painted on commission (oils on glass) for Banca Popolare di Cividale, UD, for the fourth centennial of Palmanova occurring in 1993

Murals on private walls and door at Lat 45°N and Long 13° E: “Nuvole” 1992, “il sogno del folletto” 1993

“Luoghi verso il filo lucente” acrylic and oils, varnish on a dressmaker dummy, 1996. It represents the cycle from mulberry to silk in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia; images were used for the book “Fili di vita: percorsi di lavoro femminile nel Goriziano tra Sette e Novecento” (texts by L. Panariti, L. Pillon, L. Cristin), Edizioni della Laguna, GO, 2000

“Duino Paradiso Equinox II” performance with Dawn Redwood, in a magic coincidence of Time at the Spring Equinox, Full Moon and Holy Friday, in the place where the Mediterranean Sea reaches its farthest point North East, in sight of the Castle of Duino, where Rainer Maria Rilke and Dante stayed, with music composed and/or played by Dario Della Rossa and Liszt, 20 March, 2008

“Temps ÉTErnel” performance at Père Lachaise in Paris, for R. Roussel annual celebration cured by Gianni Broi, © photo: Michel Della Vedova, 14 July 2011
“Just life” performance at Coney Island NY, © photo: Enzo Paviotti, 15 June 2012