“Mangiatori di baguettes” 1985 and “Le vacanze di Alice” 1986, two king size glass panes (cm 70x100) painted with oils. A detail of “Mangiatori” was choosed for the poster of “Festa del Pane” of Tolmezzo, UD in 1996

CD cover (unfolded) portraying Adrian Galindo posing for Sheren and Dolphen project after having filmed the performance “Sheren in A-MexicO”, acrylics and glitter on nonwoven fabric, collection of the director of Onirismos, 2006

From the travel notes diary: children at Ballinskelligs Bay, IE, during the Cill Rialaig art residency in 2008

Installation “Brunoris as puppets”, figurines -- revisited as musicians -- were found in Kinder chocolate eggs, stuck in a 5 pieces-jigsaw-black-spongy-cloud, coming from the packaging of a keyboard, collections of Brunori sas members, 2010

“Brunoris as portraits”, acrylic on board, featuring Mirko Onofrio, Stefano Amato, Massimo Palermo, Dario Della Rossa, Dario Brunori and Simona Marrazzo, collection of the musicians, 2011