“SbatHEr I”, “SbatHEr II” and “SoHo flyEr”, acrylic on hemp, 2000

“S-composta”, acrylic on hemp, 2000 and series “S-H-E” acrylic on canvas, 2001

“SHEren selfportrait”, oil on transparent CD, Collection El Taller de Zenon, ES, 2005 and “selfportrait 30-12-2010” with the head of the mannequin “SHirEn standing” (2002) and “Sherensign III” (2005) in the background, 2010

“Sherensign 19 G”, mixed media on nonwoven textile, 2007
“Sherensign CoronA”, acrylic, beads on fabric, 2009

Quick snaps in The Peter Saville Show at the Design Museum in London, 23 November 2011
In a nice frame in London at Easter 2011
In the flea market at Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in New York, 17 June 2012