Selection from Sheren&dolphen project: Guendalina, woman and dog in Madrid, Orietta, Annamaria, Ilkka, Nenad, Gruppo Sinestetico, Emilio and Franca Morandi, Yolanda, Mexico, Peter Küstermann, Milan, Critical Band, David Medalla, Reid Wood, Vergato, 2003-2006

“Sherensign for 51 Biennale di Venezia”, acrylic on nonwoven textile, Collection Ambasciata di Venezia, 2005

“in Memoria 11MAR2004” at Centro de Arte Moderno in Madrid, a few days after the 11th of March, in the imminence of the Spring Equinox, Sheren wanted to remember the ones who died at Atocha train station two years before. © video: Franco Santini, © music: Dario Della Rossa. 15 March 2006