“la chiave”, oil on riddled boards that had served to pin the molds in tailoring, 1994

Tarot ensign XII “(la) vie” open, detail of a velella velella in organdie, 2014-2015

The making of “Sherena Velella” textile bust, book and performance at “Lo Stracquo” in Ponza, LT, 2014

Tarot ensign XII “(la) vie”, front and back, painting and embroidery on fabric, July 2014 - February 2015

Ensign XII is inspired with the optical signaller used in the Great War to transmit in Morse, where the electricity was not available, Musei Provinciali of Gorizia

“Sherena Velella” in Ponza (Latina) at the finissage of the collective exhibition “Lo Stracquo: l'Arte che viene dal Mare”, 14 September 2014