Laura Cristin

57 Biennale Venezia

Category : exhibitions, performance, mailart May 20th, 2017

The 10th May 2017 was a bEAUtiful day at Biennale Venezia. First step, was the not-so-ephemeral installation of the sticker of Joel Cohen with his portrait, second one, attending/being involved in David Medalla and Adam Nankervis performance for the 15th anniversary of their Mondrian Fan Club, last but not least, remembering the impromptu of January 2008 with Dorothea Fayne and Dario Della Rossa, through a snap of “Totem 2004-2008-2017” next to the “Paradise” by Bosch in Palazzo Ducale. Meeting – one way or another – old and new friends is wonderful!
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Two videos, currently taking part in Magmart video festival are now online at these links:
“Healing in Rome”
“Re-act and Re-vault”
More to be added shortly in the “Works” section.