Laura Cristin

Let’s meet at Sheren’s

Category : exhibitions, performance, mailart Oct 30th, 2018

A MARE in gARTen LCconCopyrightSITO
On Sunday 25th November 2018, from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm, Laura Cristin, in collaboration with Giancarlo Da Lio, will open her house/studio (gARTen included) in Bagnaria Arsa, not far from the star shaped city of Palmanova.
It’s all about joy and urgency of a meeting, mostly LIVE, where friends-artists-and-not can share their experiences and humanity. As for art, there will be an hour or more early in the afternoon, devoted to that. Laura Cristin as the host will start with “LaCura” from the homonymous track composed by Dario Della Rossa for “Healing in London” (Kingsley Hall 2017). It’s the chance to be in a participatory performance, fully immersed in the enchantment of Sheren and to practice the different WAVes of Love. Maurizio Follin will continue tracing one of his Way (Via). Whoever wishing so, will be able to contribute.
The spirit and encouragment of the passed-away listed below, with whom we had the privilege to share part of our journay in life, will be the heART of the party.

“incontriAMOci” (Let’s meet at Sheren’s) is dedicated to: Franco Basaglia, Letizia Comba, Angela Fumis and Tiziana Baracchi.

List of participants (in progress): Laura Cristin, Enzo Paviotti, Giancarlo Da Lio, Terry Cazzaro, Levis Cortese, Maurizio Follin, Gabriella Gallo, Maria Teresa Fernandez, Patrizia, Mariangela, Anna, Alessandro, Francesca and more.