Laura Cristin

Poesia a Venezia

Category : exhibitions, performance, mailart Oct 15th, 2021
Laura Cristin Sheren in a photo by Giancarlo Da Lio, from the performance at Parco del Piraghetto in Venezia Mestre on October 2nd, 2021. At the side: two faces of Tarotensign “VPopeS&StarXVII”, cm 170 x 52 painted on blue textile, 2021.

On October 2nd, 2021, exactly thirty two years after the signing of the manifesto for the First International Day of Poetry, a group of (mail)artists gathered in the same place of Venezia Mestre, at Itinerary 80, around Giancarlo Da Lio.

Laura Cristin Sheren brought the Tarotensign VPopeS&StarXVII just completed and hanged it facing the Canadian maple, better known as the Tree of Poetry. The two Arcana depicted on the double face blue textile came three dimentional in two subsequent art actions. The first performance – for the PopeS – took place at the Garage-Ambasciata of via Cavallotti: an intimate memory intended for those present, devoted to the missed friend and mentor Dawn Redwood (London, 1936-2020), immersed in Jerusalem by W. Blake, set to the music of the Time. Soon after came the Star‘s turn in the nearby Parco del Piraghetto where the performance was shared with the local community and the Nature and the Autumn by Vivaldi. Sheren wore a Venetian tricorn and ended up holding the nine pointed Star of the fortress of Palmanova that Dawn had loved so much.

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