Laura Cristin

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Category : exhibitions, mailart Jun 13th, 2017

The birthday is always a special day. In one way or another, it makes the chance to retrace the-not-only-my-time of life. Celebrating the memorable date of mid-June with relatives and/or friends is a must. Other remarkable events of art/life this months:
– in Siracusa (Sicily), from the 5th to the end of June, at the Art Gymnasium Gagini, I take part in the mailart exhibition “Io e la Bellezza” (curator Lidia Pizzo for Aretè, Centrum Latinitatis Europae) with “Masks and murals for Trinacria” and the artistbook “Revolt for Beauty” remake of “Re-vault for Goliarda Sapienza 2016 “.
– From June 17 to August 10, I participate in the “First International Biennial of Postal Art in Venice” curated by Ruggero Maggi at Palazzo Zenobio, with the collage “CorresponDANCE 2017 for the Dalai Lama and Tibet”.
– Starting with my “LOOKing forwards” action begins. I will distribute the stickers with the reproduction of the portrait made to Joel Cohen, that the artist sent me from New York in sign of gratitude and in a number corresponding to the years of my life.