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Let’s meet at Sheren’s

Category : exhibitions, mailart, performance Oct 30th, 2018

A MARE in gARTen LCconCopyrightSITO
On Sunday 25th November 2018, from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm, Laura Cristin, in collaboration with Giancarlo Da Lio, will open her house/studio (gARTen included) in Bagnaria Arsa, not far from the star shaped city of Palmanova.
It’s all about joy and urgency of a meeting, mostly LIVE, where friends-artists-and-not can share their experiences and humanity. As for art, there will be an hour or more early in the afternoon, devoted to that. Laura Cristin as the host will start with “LaCura” from the homonymous track composed by Dario Della Rossa for “Healing in London” (Kingsley Hall 2017). It’s the chance to be in a participatory performance, fully immersed in the enchantment of Sheren and to practice the different WAVes of Love. Maurizio Follin will continue tracing one of his Way (Via). Whoever wishing so, will be able to contribute.
The spirit and encouragment of the passed-away listed below, with whom we had the privilege to share part of our journay in life, will be the heART of the party.

“incontriAMOci” (Let’s meet at Sheren’s) is dedicated to: Franco Basaglia, Letizia Comba, Angela Fumis and Tiziana Baracchi.

List of participants (in progress): Laura Cristin, Enzo Paviotti, Giancarlo Da Lio, Terry Cazzaro, Levis Cortese, Maurizio Follin, Gabriella Gallo, Maria Teresa Fernandez, Patrizia, Mariangela, Anna, Alessandro, Francesca and more.

The Tarot Room for “Le Stanze delle Meraviglie” in Verbania

Category : around the world, exhibitions, performance Mar 19th, 2018

Clockwise: “LoveS” VI standard 2009,  “Wonderbookcase” oil on glass 1987, detail of velella in ensign XII “(la) vie” 2015, page from the diary “Memorie di Fumis Angela 1914-'16”.

Clockwise: “LoveS” VI standard 2009, “Wonderbookcase” oil on glass 1987, detail of velella in ensign XII “(la) vie” 2015, page from the diary “Memorie di Fumis Angela 1914-’16”.

From 10 to 15 April 2018, in Verbania, at Villa Giulia, on the lakeside of Pallanza, there will be the third week of “Le Stanze delle Meraviglie Wunderkammern”. The event is curated by Marisa Cortese for the association Siviera, with the patronage of the Municipality.
The “Stanza dei Tarocchi come tra-s-formazione” is a contribution of mine for Room number 12, set up in the corridor of the first floor.
Vernissage : Tuesday, April 10th at 5:30 pm
Visiting hours of all the exhibitions: every day from 3 to 7 pm
Talk-participatory-performance about the Tarots: Thursday April 12th, from 5 to 6 pm, in the hall of the reception room.

THE TAROT ROOM. A selection of Tarot ensigns manufactured since 2004, will be exhibited. These are painted on (disposable) blue textile, with the primal intent to fix the emotions felt during the performances as Sheren. Similar to the scroll paintings of the Tibetan tangka, in the end, they have turned to be mostly, pages from a diary of my art/life. With the attempt to give a temporary order to the turmoil of the soul, each of the Arcana has been re-invented with free spirit and a pinch of irreverence. In handmaking them, never I felt obliged to start from the Tarot # 1, nor to plan to complete the series of 22. The whole path of ensigns/standars so far produced, appear to me as a sort of roadmap to enlightment. The selection chosen for Verbania reveals neverending transformations from chrysalis to butterfly (VI “LoveS”, IX, XV and XVIII of the Irish triptych, in particular). It recalls sea voyages among the dolphins and the velelle velelle coming from the Ocean to the Mediterranean. If beached, the latter – aka “By the Wind Sailors” – dye the shores in blue. A velella – recreated in white organza – rests on Standard XII, renamed “(la) vie”, which is the remake of an optical color changer used during the Great War to communicate in Morse, where there was no electricity.These revisited Arcana speak of the attitude of “looking at the sky, feet on the ground”, reminding of journeys in the past times, that the full immersion in the dimension of heART makes us feel still close.

TALK-PARTICIPATORY-PERFORMANCE. On the occasion of the interactive meeting of Thursday, April 12 (17-18 pm), the Tarot ensigns of Room 12 will be temporarly moved in the hall of the reception. Before any talk about them, the Standards will be re-lived, re-animated and re-discovered with those who will like to take part. An original karaoke with the Music composed by Dario Della Rossa will occur. Guest of honor: the original DIARY “Memorie di Fumis Angela 1914-16”. My grandmother wrote it in “… Intra e Pallanza due belle cittadelle… ” as a refugee from Staranzano, North East of Italy. Soon the original diary will be donated to Archivio Diaristico Nazionale of Pieve Santo Stefano (AR).
Beside, some significative and inspirational objects met along the Tarot way – such as the rain stick or the EVA Mariposa butterfly – will attend the meeting.

Books of “Memorie di Fumis Angela” will also be available (transcribed and printed in 2016, online edition, as well as some artist books “ST”, featuring my diary/memoir 2017 about the Tarots as STandards and ways of tran-s-formation.

… and the story goes on

ST ‘Xmas & N. Y. 2018

Category : exhibitions, performance Dec 23rd, 2017

Presentation case of ST:  20 Tarot cards (little image on the envelope: photo from the performance “Healing in LDN” at the Kingsley Hall, 9 September 2017) and a book-memoir in Italian

Presentation case of ST: 20 Tarot cards (little image on the envelope: photo from the performance “Healing in LDN” at the Kingsley Hall, 9 September 2017) and a book-memoir in Italian

Best wishes for a SainT Christmas and happy New Year 2018 from the latest piece of art/life: a memoir of Tarots as Standards, travelling allographies, ways of tran-s-formation, still long-playing in my he-art! The book was made in 3 copies, in Italian, fully accessorized with 20 cards of the ensigns so far produced.

“Healing in London” in/around Loonies Fest 2017

Category : around the world, exhibitions, performance Sep 1st, 2017
“go-cart VCE-LDN”, alias VII Tarot. Clockwise: “ShirEn on gondola” and “looking from pink curtains” masks made in 2003,  disc OB-LA-DI'-OB-LA-DA' revisited 1968-2016, “il terapeuta..1962è2017” and “Totem 2004-2008-2017” acrylic on wood 2017, textile panel in jeans and tulle. At the side, details of the ensign.

“go-cart VCE-LDN”, alias VII Tarot. Clockwise: “ShirEn on gondola” and “looking from pink curtains” masks made in 2003, disc OB-LA-DI’-OB-LA-DA’ revisited 1968-2016, “il terapeuta..1962è2017” and “Totem 2004-2008-2017” acrylic on wood 2017, textile panel in jeans and tulle. At the side, details of the ensign.

In September 2017 I will be in London, at the LOONIES FEST – Creating Healing Lunacy – in Kingsley Hall. The one day event of Saturday 9th (10am-10pm) includes Exhibitions, Performances, Poetry and a panel discussions.

The Private View for the “Survivors Stories”, a visual art group exhibition, is on Tuesday 5th (5-7pm), finissage on 19 th September. The Fest is run by FEEL (Friends of East End Loonies) and it is about mental health from the point of view of those who are often silenced by the system. Web page and full program at
Kingsley Hall Community Centre, Powis Rd, London E3 3HJ

My participations at the Fest, from the 5th to the finissage of 19th September relate to the frequentation, together with my family, to the Asylum in Gorizia (Italy) during Basaglia’s years (1962-72), ‘important imprinting’ of freedom for the courses of my art/life. The Fest offers a precious opportunity to go on with the ‘recovery tour’ started last year in Rome; a chance to immerse my autobiography in meaningful stories and places, so that to bring out something that can be shared and further developed.

The textile panel “go-cart VCE-LDN” will be shown in the Survivors Stories. It refers to the 7 th card of the Tarots, that deals with the body of the anima helping us in the human achievements. My work displays 2 gondola (masks) in place of the traditional Arcana #VII’s war-chariot. Basaglia – The Man who closed the Asylum (crf. J. Foot, Verso 2015) – was from Venice. San Clemente Asylum, closed in 1980, was also in its laguna. The disc OB-LA- DI, OB-LA-DA revisited 1968-2016 has to do with London and the Beatles and with the psychologist Letizia Comba, scholar of A. D. Laing. The painting “il terapeuta..1962è2017” included in the ensign, highlights the role of music.

“Healing in London” will be performed at the Loonies Fest on the afternoon Saturday 9th.
A panel discussion on the theme of the benefits and importance of the Arts as Healing Mediums will follow.
My action is a belated ‘thank you’ to Letizia Comba (1932-2000), psychologist in Basaglia’s team. As a teenager in difficulty, fifty years ago, I was “handed” to her care. She explored brand new ways to help me, with personal involvement/responsability, also accompaning me to Rome to attend “Bandiera Gialla” pop song radio program. Later I realized how precious have been the seeds received. I felt the task to guard them carefully and to cultivate them so that they had blossomed and fructified at the right time. Love can heal, can be a wave that caress, cuddle and support us. The action will re-create not-only- metaphorical-waves of memories in the original music composed by Dario Della Rossa. The gratitude is also for the many that donate their humanity and live through the daily practice of love, passion and freedom.

Last but not least, in and around Loonies Fest in London, I will fully explore the beauty and strenght of human relations, with old and new friend-artists, such as Dawn Redwood at aardverx. This fortnight 5-19 September will also serve for a fully immersion in U.K.’s mental health policies, comparing the state of the arts to the Italian ones.

Around the month

Category : exhibitions, mailart Jun 13th, 2017

The birthday is always a special day. In one way or another, it makes the chance to retrace the-not-only-my-time of life. Celebrating the memorable date of mid-June with relatives and/or friends is a must. Other remarkable events of art/life this months:
– in Siracusa (Sicily), from the 5th to the end of June, at the Art Gymnasium Gagini, I take part in the mailart exhibition “Io e la Bellezza” (curator Lidia Pizzo for Aretè, Centrum Latinitatis Europae) with “Masks and murals for Trinacria” and the artistbook “Revolt for Beauty” remake of “Re-vault for Goliarda Sapienza 2016 “.
– From June 17 to August 10, I participate in the “First International Biennial of Postal Art in Venice” curated by Ruggero Maggi at Palazzo Zenobio, with the collage “CorresponDANCE 2017 for the Dalai Lama and Tibet”.
– Starting with my “LOOKing forwards” action begins. I will distribute the stickers with the reproduction of the portrait made to Joel Cohen, that the artist sent me from New York in sign of gratitude and in a number corresponding to the years of my life.

57 Biennale Venezia

Category : exhibitions, mailart, performance May 20th, 2017

The 10th May 2017 was a bEAUtiful day at Biennale Venezia. First step, was the not-so-ephemeral installation of the sticker of Joel Cohen with his portrait, second one, attending/being involved in David Medalla and Adam Nankervis performance for the 15th anniversary of their Mondrian Fan Club, last but not least, remembering the impromptu of January 2008 with Dorothea Fayne and Dario Della Rossa, through a snap of “Totem 2004-2008-2017” next to the “Paradise” by Bosch in Palazzo Ducale. Meeting – one way or another – old and new friends is wonderful!
Facebook open album at
Two videos, currently taking part in Magmart video festival are now online at these links:
“Healing in Rome”
“Re-act and Re-vault”
More to be added shortly in the “Works” section.


Category : exhibitions, mailart Apr 16th, 2017

It’s Easter time in April this year! From a domestic side, main news are: the municipality calendar hanging in my kitchen displays a photo of my “Anteprima del temporale” that was selected in a previous competition; the painting “The Sticker Dude remembering the joint performance “Just life” by/with Laura Cristin in Coney Island 2012/06/14” was completed (link at ) and Ragged Edge Press NYC will print it as a sticker. I found the time with my daughter to decorate new terracotta eggs (what a relaxing fun!). The bookmark “Sheren” takes part in “Parolamagica” exhibition (curator Rosanna Veronesi) in Milan, at the historic bookstore Malavasi in via Santa Tecla/largo Schuster (just behind Palazzo Reale) from 19 to 23 April, for the Milan Bookfair.

“Selfie to self-expression” for Saatchi

Category : exhibitions, performance Feb 14th, 2017
On the Day of Saint Valentine, I had completed my submission to Saatchi gallery of London contest “Selfie to self-expression”. I already developed the theme in the Works section in the project “Self portrait”. This time, I had searched into the meaning of that practice, that one way or another, is keeping me busy mostly, along journeys of many kinds. Here are the titles of the photos that you can reach on the link above: “full immersion in the colour of my eyes” (Oceanarium of Valencia, 27 January 2017), “(paper) boat trip from Venice railway station” (impromptu “Isonzo S_core” on 9 October 2010), “Selfie as Sheren in Naples” (Napoli Centrale railway station on 2nd September 2016), “in the sweet heART of Florence” (in a confectionery shop window on 11 November 2011), “in the (Chinese) zodiac as wooden Horse Yang in Padua” (at the Museo del Precinema on 19 March 2014), “the LIGHT of my heart!” (as documenting the new striped curtain and the sacre of the intimacy in Bagnaria Arsa on 4 May 2012).

Re-act&Re-vault: a story for 25 November (International Day against the Violence towards Women)

Category : exhibitions, performance Nov 25th, 2016

Detail of “oisEAU”, acrylic on canvas and photo of the last ones to leave “La Festa dei Buchi” at Laura Cristin's home-atelier in Bagnaria Arsa, Udine on 25 October 1998.

Detail of “oisEAU”, acrylic on canvas and photo of the last ones to leave “La Festa dei Buchi” at Laura Cristin’s home-atelier in Bagnaria Arsa, Udine on 25 October 1998.

On 25 October 1998, at my home/atelier of Bagnaria Arsa, Udine, “La Festa dei Buchi” (The Holes’ Party) occurred. The evening Party was preceded by the Open House “Lo Spazio Violato” (The Violated Space). It all happened exactly one year before the declaration of 25 November as the Day against the Violence towards Women (ONU, 1999). As for my little event – so significant for me – it took place few months after a violation of my art&life. Later I reckoned it as a landmark for my r-evolution. Antefact: in June 1998, while I was on holiday with my family, vandals had stepped into the workroom for a sort-of-not-so-metaphorical-rape of the latest canvases: mostly selfportraits, nudes. Holes were made in correspondance with the erotic point of the body. The precision the holes were made with, declared a fine perversity. Add the fact that I had left the canvases, leaning on the wall, not on display: The (un)knowns had searched for them, taken them out and put them back after the integrations. Written (sexual) insults here and there, clearly directed to me, crowned it all. Since no money or other valuables had been stolen or damaged, it was clear that the target was me. At the discovery of such a mess, returning from Spain, I was shocked, I felt devastated, unwanted by the physical space of the house. I couldn’t even walk in the front courtyard where the vandals had come from. During the following Summer I found the energy to re-act and I re-made – in different sizes – the raped paintings. In the bigger selfportrait, my face came out very sad but some other canvases like “oisEAU” resulted even stronger than the originals.
Then I thought to arrange an event, despite the disapproval and the no helpfullness of some intimate relatives. – What a mess for a childish action! – was the ritornello. From the beginning it seemed that the silence would have been the only accepted no-action. I should have been content enough having made the report against unknowns, which I did soon after the intrusion. Later it was soon dismissed and no results, apart from the note of lawyer’s fees. Unbelievable, as a victim, I was supposed to feel ashamed and guilty! Instead, I had the insolence, the days before “The Holes’ Party”, to personally mail the invitations all around the neighbourhood. I guessed that the author/s of the violence lived not far away since the damaged paintings and busts – part of the latest research on the body, starting from my own – were never exhibited publicly before. I wanted to share the facts with the local community.
The event was well attended. Among others, a group of poets “La Fabbrica dei Sensi” gave an emotional contribution. A journalist wrote an article for the local newspaper and Rita Mascialino an essay. I felt better, supported one way or another. In the following years, I managed to continue on the track of searching into subtle violences, re-volting that energy in positive ways/works. The subsequent art – made out with paintings, busts, Tarots research and performances – perhaps can explain all the journey so far, better than words. At the times it was/is difficult. This type of wounds can produce further damages and one has to be alert, to see beyond the hypocrisy, not to be deceived by whatever a perverse goodness can hide. The balances with the persons really loving you took a hit and everyone suffers, for long time.
I did not repaired the holes – optically irrelevant -. They are still kept in the paintings, leaning on the wall, in the garage, silent but concrete witnesses of such baseness and cowardice. Though they are submerged by new canvases. From “La Festa dei Buchi” I had been rather busy with facing and mending the lacerations of the soul. I had found useful to attend places where humanity is practiced. Along the years, the spaces of the house-atelier were heal-treated by many passages and loving presences. New musics had been played and other stories had been written or painted. Now I walk head-on in the courtyard. A few years ago the culprit has candidly admitted the prank. No excuses.
It is a constant alert not to allow anyone to take advantage and to feel stronger of our weaknesses!Sincere affections will remain strengthened. It is an endless task, but rewarding.

Freedom and Dignity need constant dedication and update.

October TRIPs

Category : around the world, exhibitions, mailart Oct 25th, 2016

October is always a special time for me: memories are revived and take new shapes and perspectives. This year, two main trips occurred: first “Re-vault sTRIP” – already printed in limited editions as a paper-triptych – was sent worldwide in the mailart “calisthenics for the soul”. Second one was the making of “Twin Mother from Udine to Capua”. It’s a portable altar on handmade paper, based on the memory of a 1994 painting dedicated to my mother, enriched with some calligraphic writing at the sides. It will be sent shortly to the Museo Provinciale Campano of Capua, for an exhibition at the Matres Matutae room. All this comes to my mind after having baked a delicious apple cake, that I sprinkled on top with the content of five sugar packets brought from Naples as a keepsake!