Laura Cristin

Cribs and Stars 2022

Category : uncategorized Dec 5th, 2022
From left, clockwise: “Magic mOZart” at “Altra Musica” in Forte Marghera 25 April; “Sheren’s 68” at “Ribelli solitari” in Rignano sull’Arno 10 September; installation “Sirens 1996_2022” at NONsoloBLU in Monfalcone 4 December; at Brunori Sas concert in Fusine 31 July; with Giancarlo Da Lio and the book “Laura Cristin NETWORK” in Jesolo 26 May

Cribs assisted by propitious stars – linked to mOZart, good music and people, occurred in 2022 bringing opportunities for rebirths with art and friendship, in Forte Marghera, Jesolo (Venice), Fusine lakes (Tarvisio), Rignano sull’Arno, Monfalcone and wherever love has been shared. Link to “magic mOZart” performance at