Laura Cristin

Art-life at Xmas 2021

Category : exhibitions, mailart Dec 20th, 2021
Clockwise around the Holy Crib with figurines from the 50ies: glass vase, “Natale” plate (blue and yellow), Xmas clay garland made/painted in the 80ies-90ies; mailart “The Red Bench…” exhibited in Bologna for November 25th, “Sheren in Venice” painted in Laives (Bozen) in October 2021.

An installation of thoughts, words and images, goes straight in my heART. It started from a recent mailart card where I depicted a Red Bench to be built and to be constantly mantained in order to SURFvive in the hurricanes (for an exhibition in Bologna against the violence on women) and a pictorial experienze in Laives at the Kunst Kolonie of Artimmersion13.

Then, holding up the figurines of the Nativity Crib from my infancy and with the gaunt bed for the Holy Child in my hands, I realized the similarity of the cot with the Red Bench above. ‘Things’ from the past emerged: a glass vase, a celebrative plate for “Natale”, a clay garland and so on.

Emblems of a still alive art-life.