Laura Cristin

“L’uomo e il mare” performance by Laura Cristin Sheren

Category : performance, mailart, around the world Jan 21st, 2020

Video by Gabriella Gallo and Maurizio Follin

“The Old Man and The Sea”, written in 1951, published in 1952, Hemingway received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954. When Giancarlo Da Lio invited me to join his birthday/aka Day of Art on January 17, 2020, a few days before the one of my husband Enzo (19 January 1952) I felt involved in the Time. Tiziana Baracchi too, his wife, who passed away in 2018, was born in 1952. So I asked Maurizio Follin a soundtrack for a performance that would remind Giancarlo’s strength and his inner being of “sea man” – winged lion of the Embassy of Venice – to discover that Maurizio and his wife Gabriella were also born in those years. In four and four, they provided me with the Rumble n ° 20 01 12 (10:38) which I immediately found perfect for an impromptu action at La Fossetta di Musile del Piave. It is a historic tavern where Hemingway used to spend his time while in Venice area and which – since 11 May 2018 – hosts the Garden of Poetry with the various contributions for the Red Lion of the Embassy of Venice, cured by Giancarlo and Tiziana. As for me, Laura Cristin, Sheren in art-life or life-art that does the same, I was born in 1954, the year of the Nobel Prize and the story has renewed and brought back so many thoughts and brought forth the desire to revive and involve in the participatory performance “The Man and the Sea” the strength of all those who, like Santiago, travel the stages of their heroic and daily existence in “la mar”, confronting each other respectfully with the marlins and sharks that meet along the way, being able to count on friendship, like the old fisherman with the young Manolo.
P.S. The fishbone remaining from the big marlin at the end of the performance became a sword that entitled me – among others like Teresa Cazzaro and Virgilia Milici – to be Ambassador of Art.