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The Tarot Room for “Le Stanze delle Meraviglie” in Verbania

Category : exhibitions, performance, around the world Mar 19th, 2018

Clockwise: “LoveS” VI standard 2009,  “Wonderbookcase” oil on glass 1987, detail of velella in ensign XII “(la) vie” 2015, page from the diary “Memorie di Fumis Angela 1914-'16”.

Clockwise: “LoveS” VI standard 2009, “Wonderbookcase” oil on glass 1987, detail of velella in ensign XII “(la) vie” 2015, page from the diary “Memorie di Fumis Angela 1914-’16”.

From 10 to 15 April 2018, in Verbania, at Villa Giulia, on the lakeside of Pallanza, there will be the third week of “Le Stanze delle Meraviglie Wunderkammern”. The event is curated by Marisa Cortese for the association Siviera, with the patronage of the Municipality.
The “Stanza dei Tarocchi come tra-s-formazione” is a contribution of mine for Room number 12, set up in the corridor of the first floor.
Vernissage : Tuesday, April 10th at 5:30 pm
Visiting hours of all the exhibitions: every day from 3 to 7 pm
Talk-participatory-performance about the Tarots: Thursday April 12th, from 5 to 6 pm, in the hall of the reception room.

THE TAROT ROOM. A selection of Tarot ensigns manufactured since 2004, will be exhibited. These are painted on (disposable) blue textile, with the primal intent to fix the emotions felt during the performances as Sheren. Similar to the scroll paintings of the Tibetan tangka, in the end, they have turned to be mostly, pages from a diary of my art/life. With the attempt to give a temporary order to the turmoil of the soul, each of the Arcana has been re-invented with free spirit and a pinch of irreverence. In handmaking them, never I felt obliged to start from the Tarot # 1, nor to plan to complete the series of 22. The whole path of ensigns/standars so far produced, appear to me as a sort of roadmap to enlightment. The selection chosen for Verbania reveals neverending transformations from chrysalis to butterfly (VI “LoveS”, IX, XV and XVIII of the Irish triptych, in particular). It recalls sea voyages among the dolphins and the velelle velelle coming from the Ocean to the Mediterranean. If beached, the latter – aka “By the Wind Sailors” – dye the shores in blue. A velella – recreated in white organza – rests on Standard XII, renamed “(la) vie”, which is the remake of an optical color changer used during the Great War to communicate in Morse, where there was no electricity.These revisited Arcana speak of the attitude of “looking at the sky, feet on the ground”, reminding of journeys in the past times, that the full immersion in the dimension of heART makes us feel still close.

TALK-PARTICIPATORY-PERFORMANCE. On the occasion of the interactive meeting of Thursday, April 12 (17-18 pm), the Tarot ensigns of Room 12 will be temporarly moved in the hall of the reception. Before any talk about them, the Standards will be re-lived, re-animated and re-discovered with those who will like to take part. An original karaoke with the Music composed by Dario Della Rossa will occur. Guest of honor: the original DIARY “Memorie di Fumis Angela 1914-16”. My grandmother wrote it in “… Intra e Pallanza due belle cittadelle… ” as a refugee from Staranzano, North East of Italy. Soon the original diary will be donated to Archivio Diaristico Nazionale of Pieve Santo Stefano (AR).
Beside, some significative and inspirational objects met along the Tarot way – such as the rain stick or the EVA Mariposa butterfly – will attend the meeting.

Books of “Memorie di Fumis Angela” will also be available (transcribed and printed in 2016, online edition, as well as some artist books “ST”, featuring my diary/memoir 2017 about the Tarots as STandards and ways of tran-s-formation.

… and the story goes on